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No MTV? Georgia Culture, Early 20th Century

During the 1950's, Georgia was in many ways a study of contrasts. Much of the state retained its rural character, with people leading lives that had strong links to earlier decades. At the same time, Atlanta was beginning its great growth, with the first segments of the interstate system being constructed, television sets being installed in many homes, and the first major shopping center being built.

It is only about 60 miles from Franklin to Atlanta, but within that area the old and new Georgia were existing side by side. To today's typical eighth graders, Heard County in 1950 could have been 1850 when looking at the recreational outlets for kids.

Jane Adamson Pike, Virginia Teal, Benjamin Franklin Rogers, and Marion Couch were all in the eighth grade in 1950 and they recount what it was like growing up in rural Heard County back then.

The lack of video games, computers, shopping malls, and McDonald's is mentioned but the emphasis is on what they did have - church picnics, school parties, reading, radio, crafts, swimming holes. Extensive use of photographs from the period illustrates the wide variety of activities that made up these teenagers' lives.