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9 Ferrets You Should Meet on Day 4 of Ferret Week

For the second time this week, I woke up thinking it was Friday. It is not. I have no idea what my rush is since the plan is to do yard work all weekend; and I do actually like my work. If you also woke up to the shock that it’s still not Friday, let these adorable fur-babies lighten your day.

On Day Four of Ferret Week, I am celebrating with this lovely list of ferrets you should meet.

1. It’s a Ferret Train! (Also, do we now have to worry about the Ferret Lady in the same way that we do about the Cat Lady?)

2. It’s a ferret. In. A. Hoodie. All together now, Awwwww!

3. Soft ferret, warm ferret, little slinky-fur. Happy ferret, sleepy ferret… Do ferrets purr?

4. This ferret, stealing his baby’s toy. Poor baby never stood a chance.

5. Now that they have it, what will they do with all that money?

6. This video that combines the two cutest forces in nature, ferrets and baby giggles.

7. Oh, how I do love things in jars.

8. Malfoy becomes a Ferret
This one will show my true nerd self, which I’m very okay with.

Ferret Malfoy is a vast improvement on Draco Malfoy! Nicely done, Madeye! (Nerd out!)

9. These ferrets, doing what ferrets do for approximately 20 hours every day, but in the sweetest way possible.

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