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Reclassification of High School Sports in the Works

By Chrissy WarrilowPosted May 19, 2011 12:30pm (EDT)
Georgia High School Association

Georgia High School Association

Get set for a shake up in the classification system of high school sports! Although schools currently compete in the 1-A through 5-A levels, plans to add a sixth tier are in the works.

Dr. Ralph Swearngin, Executive Director of the Georgia High School Association, explained that consideration for reclassification occurs every two years. In previous years, changes in the classification system were not needed. This year, however, the population within the state of Georgia has risen so rapidly that a sixth tier in the classification system became necessary.

Dr. Swearngin stated that the changes will likely have few impacts for championship games in sports such as football, yet other sports - like basketball and track and field - will experience considerable changes that will need to be addressed.

Hear Dr. Swearngin's explanation of the new classification system on the latest episode of SportsCentral XL.

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