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Free Webinars This Week and Mayim Bialik on Cool Scientists

Actress Mayim Bialik plays and is a real neuroscientist. Image from
Actress Mayim Bialik plays and is a real neuroscientist. Image from

This week is all about livening up your science, engineering and math teaching. One way is by taking part in a free math literacy webinar, another is learning how to teach NGSS engineering design through media and still another way is by using the new Exploring the World of Science Engineering collection through PBS Learning Media.

The Teaching Math and Literacy webinar on Tuesday, January 14th at 5 p.m. won’t be a snoozer. Firstly it’s being presented by two superstars of education: Jane Porath, 8th grade Mathematics Teacher; Board of Directors, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and Carolyn Jacobs, Senior Manager, Training and Educator Engagement, WGBH Education and PBS LearningMedia™

They will both take you through the literacy collection in PBS LearningMedia that pertains to math. It covers blended learning styles and it is aligned to the Common Core.

You can register for it here.

You can also learn how to teach NGSS Engineering Design through media on Thursday, January 16 at 6:30 p.m. by signing up for this free webinar. Here is the description for it:

The webinar is presented by Dr. Martha Cyr, Professor and Executive Director of the STEM Education Center at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where she focuses on helping K-12 teachers and education leaders implement STEM Curriculum. Dr. Cyr's co-host is Carolyn Jacobs, Senior Manager, Training and Educator Engagement, PBS LearningMedia and WGBH Education.

It provides an overview of the standards, engineering concepts, and tips for teaching with the resources from the Teaching NGSS Engineering Design with Media collection.

Exploring the World of Science & Engineering

One way to make science and engineering less mysterious is to have cool scientists and engineers talk about their jobs themselves. So playback this vignette from actress Mayim Bialik, who is a real neuroscientist and happens to play one on the show The Big Bang Theory, talking about what being a scientist is like.

While you’re at it, watch the video from theoretical physicist Michio Kaku who was inspired to take up physics by Albert Einstein.

Also watch Erick Ordoñez explain what a materials engineer does for NASA.

Combine those videos with clips from our Fast Forward show to get your students to take pursuing STEM careers seriously and you’ve revved up your STEM teaching.

By the way, how are you using PBS LearningMedia in your classrooms? Let us know by emailing us at and we could feature you on this blog and in our newsletter.