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We’re back! Fast Forward that is. Well, I’m new. But the show is returning. So they’re back…and I’m just here.

Let me start again. Hi, I’m Parker. I’m the new production assistant here on Fast Forward. I’m also new to blogging, but I understand it’s important to write for a niche audience. Today I’ll be writing for Steven, an avid ornithologist and pun enthusiast. Welcome, Steven! Today you’re cock of the walk. (Man I’m good) Next week, I’ll be shamelessly pandering to Courtney, a B movie lover, in a very predictable installment of my blog.

In the meantime, let’s focus on something we can all appreciate: Fast Forward is back on the road. And to kick off the newest season our team packed up our gear, temporarily disbanded our drum circle (which was midway through a tear-jerking mash up of “Strangers Like Me” and “Baby Got Back”) and made the perilous two-mile trek to Atlanta’s legendary Fox Theatre…Okay, it wasn’t all that perilous, but I’m going for readership here.

Now, if you live in the Atlanta area, or anywhere near it, chances are you’ve been to the Fox. It’s a Georgia staple. And whether you were there to see a concert, take in a Broadway play, or even attend your prom, I’m guessing the experience stuck with you. That’s because of the employees who work behind the scenes to make sure every trip to the Fox is unique. I got the chance to meet some of these dedicated individuals and see what they do every day.

Did you know the theatre has it’s own paint department? Yeah. So did I (he lies). That’s right. A stone’s throw from the stage, a team of artists and restoration experts work everyday to keep the theatre looking just the way it did when it opened in 1929. Hey, if I were over eighty years old, I’d probably have some work done too.

But the staff doesn’t just try to keep the Fox looking good. They’re always searching for ways to modernize the building’s technology while preserving its historical charm. It’s not an easy job…they just make it look that way.

The Fast Forward team explored every inch of the theatre, and trust me there’s more going on than meets the eye. Every performance has particular needs, and the staff at the Fox is always up to the challenge. We even heard of some crazy requests by performers. For example: Robin William once asked for a palm tree in his dressing room. Of course he wasn’t serious, but comedians have to have their fun too.

We also got a shot of an empty theatre. Take a good look. Next time you see it, these seats will all be filled. (Minus that one person who always arrives fifteen minutes late. We met him too. Gerald. Nice guy.)

I could go on for days about how great the Fox Theatre is, but it’s better if you see it for yourself. So next time you’re in town grab a ticket, take a seat and enjoy your experience at the fabulous Fox Theatre. Or just wait for our next episode of Fast Forward. Or both.