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I realize that you probably clicked on this page thinking you might find out some information on the new Batman movie and for that I apologize. However, now that I have your attention, I would like to reveal another highly anticipated event; Bobby the P.A’s first blog post.

The Fast Forward team has been diligently blogging their journey across the great state of Georgia all summer. Again, I apologize for taking so long. You see, as a member of the newer generation, I have only been taught to communicate under 140 characters or with smiley faces... :(... so this will be new for me, but I love a challenge... :D.

So here it goes. On the soft summer morning of July 9th, 2012 the Fast Forward Fellowship embarked to Athens, GA. A land so beautiful that it, in comparison, makes a Tolkien landscape look like a mere Olive Garden. I must also mention that as a recent UGA grad I show no bias towards Athens...

After crossing into Bulldawg nation we make our first stop at the Jittery Joe's coffee HQ on Baxter Street. We were warmly welcomed by a community of employees with a sense of happiness that only constant free coffee could supply. Their good spirits were so infectious that we all indulged in some Jit-Joe's ourselves.

Our wonderful hosts, Bob and Deborah Googe (owners of Jittery Joes) then brought us over to their roasting house on Broad St. to meet Charlie, the master roaster. We came back to the roasting house in the wee hours of the morning to start filming. You know, I find early shoots are easier when you are in a building filled with nothing but coffee.

It could have been the caffeine but the day seemed to fly by! We had a great time meeting the managers, roasters, and baristas that made up the most popular coffee brand in Athens. To you Starbucks drinkers that might be a bold statement but nothing is more bold than the delectable taste of a warm cup of Travelin’ Joe in your mouth. Am I right!?

Bob says yes!

I could go on and on about our amazing experience with the good folks over at Jittery Joe’s but I must get back to logging so we can get these episodes to the students who will be the future coffee captains of Georgia. Man, that alliteration would have worked so much better if we were in Cali....

-Bobby O’Neill
Fast Forward P.A.