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We Begin with the First

Getting Ready to Leave
Getting Ready to Leave

Yes, it was our first official shoot. And as with any ‘first’, whether it’s your first day of school, your first date, your first taste of success; the first is almost certainly a sign of moving forward. In this case, it was our team moving forward shooting the first segment of a series of shorts.

Firsts also bring a lot of unknowns. Some consider these unknowns a form of anxiety. Me? I like to think of these unknowns as a form of excitement.

Did we start the day early enough to pack the van, hit the road and make it to our first location on time? Or will we be racing the clock with only seconds to spare?

With 7 interviews already scheduled and only 6 hours to shoot, will 2 cameras be enough? And if not, what’s the back up plan?

Dave, Heather and Victoria

How will the crew hold up during our first overnight? Will we be ready to strangle each other by night’s end or hug one another when it’s over?

Inquiring minds want to know and I’m the first in line.

I won’t ramble on and give you the minute-by-minute break down, though I’m sure there will be days that I can’t resist. For now, suffice it to say that we managed to arrive about an hour ahead of time and returned to the shop 34 hours later, all in one piece with what should be more than enough footage to make an entertaining, informative 5 minute segment. One that will certainly intrigue our teenage audience and their teachers too. Whew!