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Downton Abbey Cast Don’t Tell All at the TCA Tour

Image courtesy MASTERPIECE Theatre.
Image courtesy MASTERPIECE Theatre.

”Downton Abbey” fans hoping to get spoilers from cast members attending the Television Critics Association summer tour should keep skimming the online British papers instead.

Four cast members and one executive producer didn’t tell all during their TCA tour appearance yesterday.

They smiled, joked and flirted a little. But executive producer Gareth Naeme and cast members Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, Allen Leech and Joanne Froggatt were pretty tight lipped.

Based on reports from critics who attended the session, here is what is known.

New House Guests Cause Havoc

Simon Bricker, the art historian staying at the estate and Lady Anstruther will cause problems. Lady Anstruther (Anna Chancellor) is apparently Jimmy the footman’s former boss. Michelle Dockery calls her a “troublemaker”

“She comes to the house and, yeah, she creates havoc,” admits Dockery

"She's looking for something,” adds Branson portrayer Allen Leech.

Bricker is also looking for something similar and possibly a painting, Leech mistakenly reveals and then clams up.

Richard E. Grant who plays Bricker, stirred up trouble when season 5 began filming after tweeting a photo of himself in costume. Cast and crew members were apparently banned from tweeting on set and about the production thereafter.

Sorry Brarys, Branson and Mary Don’t Get Together

Dockery and Leech confirm that Branson and Mary are not getting together. But they are amused that several fans want them to become a couple. (Leech dubs these fans “Braries”.)

“They're both looking for love," Dockery says. "But not with each other," Leech chimes in quickly.

They admit that Branson and Lady Mary grow closer because of their desire to make Downton sustainable.

Lady Mary Gets Her Groove uh Bite Back

"I think this series, she's quite impulsive and she's embracing her life, really," explains Dockery about her characters return to herself. "She's kind of through the grief now.… She's got a bit of her bite back that we had in [Season] 1, which I've enjoyed playing."

True to the Lady Mary of seasons 1 and 2, she’ll go after Lady Edith in a major way. Return of the Crawley sister bickering!

Poor Lady Edith

Lady Edith remains the show’s resident malcontent. There was no word on whether she finds her MIA baby father Mr. Gregson. But in a hopeful clip shown in the trailer, Edith interacts with her daughter, now named Marigold. Drewe,the farmer who agrees to take care of the child tells Edith, "We need a way for you to live the truth, without telling the truth.”

(Yes it’s okay to take a tissue break.)

No Major Cast Members Were Killed Off Making This Season

Naeme assured critics that all actor contracts have been solidified. As previously mentioned by Lesley Nichols, no cast members were killed off this season.

“You’re expecting the “Downton Abbey” Red Wedding, aren’t you?” Leech goaded critics, referring to the heart attack inducing episode of “Game of Thrones” where major characters were brutally murdered at a wedding feast.

Thank goodness!

What storylines do you hope will be addressed this upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below.