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What Kim Kardashian and Lady Sybil Might Have in Common

I never thought I’d write about Kim Kardashian in a Desperate for Downton blog post. But the suspected condition that may have caused her to go into labor early is causing some bloggers to compare the reality star to Downton’s Lady Sybil. Stick with me here.

Last week, Kim gave birth to a baby girl several weeks before her due date. A Daily News article speculates that Kim developed preclampsia. It’s usually diagnosed in women after the 20th week of pregnancy. The symptoms include high blood pressure, severe headaches and abdominal pain. It can cause complications and the death of the baby and the mother if left untreated. And the best treatment according to the Mayo Clinic website is delivery.

The blog points out that this condition is similar to what killed poor Lady Sybil Crawley. She suffered from eclampsia which also includes high blood pressure and abdominal pain as its symptoms. It causes seizures and comas and can be fatal.

Had Lady Sybil lived today, she may have undergone a four prong treatment that involved controlling her blood pressure, keeping her oxygen levels up, preventing more seizures and delivering the baby early as safely as possible.

Alas she was at the mercy of dueling clueless doctors, the limitations of early 20th century medicine and a pig-headed father who decided she shouldn’t go to the hospital.

Kim Kardashian you’re so lucky you’re living in this century!