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Impressive Pre-Season Rankings for Georgia Prep Football

The 2018 national rankings were verification that the State of Georgia is loaded with top-notch football teams, as nine of that HSFA Top 100 teams are from here in the state.

by Tommy Palmer | July 11, 2018
Education Matters

8 STEMulating TED Talks For Teachers

These eight motivational TED Talks from teachers, tinkers, and thinkers will inspire any educator to incorporate STEM concepts into the classroom.

by Mary Anne Lane | July 11, 2018
GPB Sports Blog

Let The Season Begin!

In the state of Georgia, turnover is usually in the neighborhood of 18-22% of the 400-plus schools that are involved in the sport through the GHSA.

by Jon Nelson | July 10, 2018
GPB Sports Blog

Denmark Will Debut With Lofty Goals

Get ready for a new place with a familiar face in Forsyth County this fall.

by Sam Crenshaw | July 9, 2018
Georgia at Work

Here’s What’s Filming In Georgia Right Now, And Here’s How You Can Get The Skills Needed To Land A Gig

Breaking into the film industry is difficult, but the Georgia Film Academy can help you land a gig with open positions like the ones seeking workers right now.

by Parrish Walton | July 9, 2018
Georgia at Work

How Can We Fill More Healthcare Jobs To Southwest Georgia? Here’s A Start

Healthcare jobs are in demand... but is the workforce ready for them? If not, what can we do to help? These questions and more were brought up last month.

by Parrish Walton | July 3, 2018
Education Matters

9 Fourth Of July Crafts For Kids

Celebrate the USA's independence with these fun, inexpensive crafts that kids will love!

by Mary Anne Lane | July 2, 2018
GPB Sports Blog

Rome Wolves Are Gearing Up For A Three-Peat

When we last saw the Rome Wolves it was December 15, 2017, and they were howling after a 38-0 shutout victory over Warner Robins to win their second consecutive class 5A state championship.

by Sam Crenshaw | July 2, 2018
GPB Sports Blog

Early Season Matchups are Key to a Successful Season

In looking at this year’s new schedules across the State, I noticed one glaring issue, some of the early season matchups will be key for many teams in this 2018 Prep Football season.

by Tommy Palmer | June 28, 2018
Georgia at Work

Big Salaries Without A Bachelor’s Degree? Fast Company Found 6 Jobs That Can Earn 6 Figures

Some of these will require intense on-the-job training, but these jobs don't require a bachelor's degree and they pay extremely well.

by Parrish Walton | June 28, 2018
Georgia at Work

Georgia Needs More Carpenters And Chattahoochee Tech Is On It

No matter where you go in the state you'll hear the same thing from those in the construction industry: We need more skilled labor. Well, Chattahoochee Tech is here to help.

by Parrish Walton | June 27, 2018
GPB Sports Blog

GPB Sports Preps for 2018 High School Football Coverage

It’s almost time for high school football, and GPB Sports has it covered!

by GPB Sports Staff | June 27, 2018