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Your Royal Wedding Invitation Has Arrived: We Break Down “Royal Wedding Watch” And Share How You Can Tune In

This Saturday, one televised event will unite the world as millions will turn their attention to Great Britain.

by Rachel Buchman | May 16, 2018
Georgia at Work

One Teacher Hopes Career Signing Days Become The New Normal For Georgia High Schools

Creating a strong pipeline of workers in an in-demand industry like construction takes out-of-the-box thinking, and that’s exactly what Jeremy Whitaker brought to the table with the Career Signing Day event.

by Parrish Walton | May 15, 2018
Georgia at Work

Boost Childcare Initiative Aims To Help College Student-Parents Graduate

About 27 percent of college students are parents themselves, and juggling the demands of parenthood with the demands of obtaining a college education is intense. This scholarship can help student-parents graduate.

by Parrish Walton | May 14, 2018
Education Matters

Fun Activities To End The School Year

End-of-the-year activities that will keep students engaged in learning those last few days of the year

by Mary Anne Lane | May 14, 2018

"Little Women" Is Almost Here And One Author Can't Wait: We Interview Elise Hooper

The quintessential American story of sisterhood is back in conversation, and on PBS, in a big way this year.

by Rachel Buchman | May 11, 2018
Georgia at Work

For Atlanta, 100,000 Opportunities Is Just The Beginning

More than 6,300 youth from metro Atlanta and surrounding areas registered for the 100,000 Opportunities job fair that took place in early May. The event was designed to engage, educate and hire Georgians between the...

by Parrish Walton | May 9, 2018
Education Matters

6 Strategies For Differentiation With Discovery Education

Explore Discovery Education’s learning management system as a supportive resource for differentiated learning and instruction.

by Tracey Wiley | May 9, 2018
Education Matters

Summer Learning Activities For Kids

GPB is releasing all-new content and resources for summer to help keep kids active and encourage exploration.

by Mary Anne Lane | May 7, 2018
Georgia at Work

Instacart Announces More Than 400 New Positions Coming To Atlanta

The company has open positions posted RIGHT NOW and will add 400 more over the next two years.

by Parrish Walton | May 2, 2018
Education Matters

How To Get Great Content Quickly From PBS LearningMedia

Have a favorite show on PBS? Of course you do. PBS' programming covers the broadest variety of content from science to drama, history to athletics, early childhood to advanced research. But an often overlooked resource...

by Michael Kuenlen | May 1, 2018
Georgia at Work

Toolbox Introduces Elementary Students To Construction

One way to fight the gaping hole in the construction workforce is to introduce construction to students at an early age. Jeffrey "J" Prothero is doing just that with Toolbox.

by Parrish Walton | April 30, 2018
Georgia at Work

Pandora Opens A Box Full Of Georgia Jobs And Hiring Begins Immediately

The music streaming service will bring an additional 250 jobs to its Atlanta office and hiring will begin immediately.

by Parrish Walton | April 25, 2018