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Recent Blog Posts

Still frame from old GPTV signoff video.

Georgia On My Mind

Ray Charles classic song has a special meaning for us at GPB. How many times did you fall asleep to our old end of the day signoff?

Happy families at Antiques Roadshow taping, even though their treasure wasn't worth much.

Antiques Roadshow: Atlanta

Nearly 10,000 people had their treasures appraised, and we took lots of pictures.

(Atlanta) Still from 360 panorama view of the Georgia Dome.

360 Tour of the Georgia Dome

Wonder what it is like to stand on the 50 yard line of the Georgia Dome? We found a way to show you.

Margaret Mitchell: American Rebel newsreel

For a documentary this big, everyone at GPB pitches in. The New Media team decided to recreate a classic newsreel from the premier gala.

(Atlanta) Preparing for the shoot.  From left: Rachel Daniels, Derek Haynes, Patrick Edmond, Andrew MacCartney and Carl Zornes.

GPB Sports App promo

We needed to promote the release of the GPB Sports app. We had no budget, but we did have a gorilla costume. As Tim Gunn might say, we made it work.

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