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Anne Ostholthoff is 20 year education leader and advocate with a passion to inspire teachers to create dynamic classrooms that will motivate students to learn, graduate and be great. Recognized as a dynamic force by leading education groups/individuals and the business community, Anne
is uniquely equipped to bring people and organizations together in close collaboration for a common goal.

Recent Blog Posts

Teachers Opinions Sought out by State Leader!

Had to share this very positive move to elevate the voices of teachers by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell -- who has proposed the the formation of a Virginia Teacher Cabinet as reported by Mike...

Add Your Voice to Influence The Ignite Show

We are so excited by the responses of so many of you already -- but we need more voices from teachers, parents, students and administrators to help us "build the plane while we fly it!" Go to this...

Adora Svitak gives a TEDtalk.

What Adults Can Learn from Kids

In honor of the voices that have been silenced in CT this past week, I want you to hear this voice of one young woman who is inspiring change in schools all across the country. Adora Svitak, who is...

A COLLABORATIVE POST: Relevance from the Workplace into the Classroom Part 2

This is the second part of my collaborative post with Sarah Brown Wessling of the Teaching Channel. In this part, Sarah digs in deeper on how teachers can empower students by letting them lead. She...

Sarah Brown Wessling of The Teaching Channel

A COLLABORATIVE BLOG POST: Relevance from the Workplace into the Classroom

 At the suggestion of some of my close teacher friends, I’ve recently started to get to know Sarah, the Teacher Laureate at the Teaching Channel. This post is started by me here, and will be...


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