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Teachers Opinions Sought out by State Leader!

Had to share this very positive move to elevate the voices of teachers by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell -- who has proposed the the formation of a Virginia Teacher Cabinet as reported by Mike Humphreys, a U.S. Department of Education Teaching Ambassador Fellow 2012-2013 who teaches physical education in Arlington, Va. Mike is part of the The RESPECT PROJECT where he, and several other teachers, get to learn how things are going in classrooms, schools, and districts all across the country by sitting down and talking with teachers. Then they repoert out to leaders at the Dept. of ED, giving them critical information to process and, in many cases, act upon. Read his article "Teacher Cabinets: Bringing Teacher Voice to the Education Reform Conversation" at 

Similarly - WE WANT YOUR VOICE ADDED to many other teachers, parents and students to help us continue to launch The Ignite Show to build respect and awareness of US education -- so please  Go to this link  and answer 4 questions!! And then send a cheer up for Mike!