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GPB Door to Door Donor Campaign

In September 2013, GPB launched a Door to Door Membership Campaign by sending a few professional canvassers into neighborhoods across the metro Atlanta area. Our community Door to Door program allows us to personally convey the importance of public television and quality programming to thousands of people every week.

By donating to GPB through one of our trusted Door to Door colleagues, you help us further our mission to enrich the lives of people all across our region through programs and community partnerships that inform, enlighten, and entertain.

And, while our team is in your neighborhood, we will also be saying hello to our neighbors who are already GPB members.

If you became a member as part of our Door to Door Membership Campaign, THANK YOU! If you are still deciding, do your part and donate.

Shelby Caldwell 440-40-338
Shelby Caldwell
Mia Chigumira 440-40-422
Mia Chigumira
Paul-Joseph Desutter 440-40-326
Paul-Joseph Desutter
Grace Kim 440-40-445
Grace Kim
Kerry Louis 440-40-049
Kerry Louis
James Mackenzie 440-40-434
James Mackenzie
Andrew Reeves 440-40-386
Andrew Reeves
Kevin Ross 440-40-427
Kevin Ross
Andalib Samandari 440-40-405
Andalib Samandari