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Tattnall County at Brantley County

October 5th, 2012

Brantley County Herons

Coach: Mark Walker
Principal: Randy Yonz
Class: AAA
Region: 1
Total Record: 6-4-0 (0.600)
Classification Record: 5-4-0 (0.556)
Region Record: 5-4-0 (0.556)

Tattnall County Battle Creek Warriors

Coach: Jeff Kaiser
Principal: Glenn Stewart
Class: AAA
Region: 1
Total Record: 5-5-0 (0.500)
Classification Record: 4-5-0 (0.444)
Region Record: 4-5-0 (0.444)

Previous Matchups

October 7th, 2011 Tattnall County 34 Brantley County 13
October 8th, 2010 Brantley County 20 Tattnall County 34

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