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Brunswick at Valdosta

September 17th, 2010

Valdosta Wildcats

Coach: Rance Gillespie
Principal: Dr. Janice Richardson
Region: 1
Total Record: 7-3-0 (0.700)
Classification Record: 3-3-0 (0.500)
Region Record: 3-2-0 (0.600)

Brunswick Pirates

Coach: Larry Harold
Principal: Mr. Toriano Gilbert
Class: AAAAA
Region: 3
Total Record: 3-7-0 (0.300)
Classification Record: 2-6-0 (0.250)
Region Record: 2-6-0 (0.250)

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Sea Island Execs Got Bonuses After Lay Offs

Five company officials shared about $500,000 in bonuses after laying off workers and cutting salaries at the troubled resort company, one of Glynn County's largest private employers. Shortly after they took the bonuses, Sea Island declared bankruptcy.

Georgia Ports Set Record

But the chief of Georgia's Ports Authority says, he's still frustrated by delays in the process to approve deepening the Savannah harbor. Curtis Foltz doesn't believe business will suffer as long as work is well underway by the time larger ships start sailing through the Panama Canal in 2014.

Sunken Boat Costs Coastal City

During a severe financial crunch, Brunswick pays $67,000 to remove a sunken shrimp boat. The boat owners cannot afford the cost of removal and are leaving it completely to the city. This is just one of 33 boats in Glynn county waters that are waiting to be cleaned up. A total of 130 boats are submerged off Georgia’s costs. The process of removing and cleaning up a sunken boat ranges from $42,000 to $70,000.