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Berendt / Telfair Museums

Berendt Reflects On Legacy of "Midnight" Tue., March 3, 2015 8:14am (EST)

Author John Berendt is back in town to launch a new, digital version of his bestseller, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and he tells GPB News about it.

Georgia's First Youth Ocean Conservation Summit

50 students from across the Southeast learned about preserving the coastal environment at Georgia’s first-ever Youth Ocean Conservation Summit.

Savannah trees

This Week In The News With Tom Barton: 2/27/15

Tom Barton of the Savannah Morning News joins GPB Savannah Bureau Chief Sarah McCammon for a discussion of the week's news in the Savannah area.

Have You Heard

Last week I shared the 50-plus page clemency application by the only woman on death row: Kelly Renee Gissendaner.She was scheduled to be put to death last night, but the execution was delayed due to...

A Hyrbrid-Driving Legislator Wants To End The EV Tax Credit

You know that I worked on a story on the push to end Georgia's very generous $5,000 tax credit for those people who purchase or lease electric-powered cars. The man behind the proposal is Rep....

#JazzAtTheG - Wycliffe Gordon & His All-Star Band at GRU March 14th

Augusta native Wycliffe Gordon is “the man”.In jazz circles, when you talk about over-the-top trombone talent, nobody even comes close. He’s been named “Best in Trombone...