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Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 9:55am

Blue Chip Quarterbacks And Neighbors

How typical is it to have two highly touted, pro-style, quarterbacks essentially next door to each other in Houston County?

"I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of it," said Von Lassiter, head coach at Houston County High School in Bonaire.

Eight miles away at Veterans High, head coach David Bruce agrees.

"I think it is pretty rare down here. I can’t think of the last time we had two guys with their kind of potential as pocket passers," Bruce said. " But you know the Fromm kid can run, too. I’ve watched some film on him and he’s pretty salty."

Fromm is Jake Fromm – sophomore quarterback for Houston County High and a highly recruited prospect. Bruce’s Veterans high team has junior Logan Byrd, another rare athlete at quarterback.

Byrd is 6 feet three inches tall and between 225 and 240 pounds. The junior spent his summer on a tour of Division 1 prospects.

"It was definitely a trip. A lot of frequent flier miles I’d say. Stanford, Texas, Duke, UNC, Notre Dame....," Byrd said.

Fromm is 6 feet two inches tall and 200 pounds. He is one of only two sophomore quarterbacks in the nation with more than one Division 1 scholarship offer. Like Byrd, he rattles off a long list of Division 1 college programs he spent some time with over the summer. Georgia, Auburn, Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee among them.

But he isn’t focused on college right now.

"I try to downplay it the best I can. I don’t want to focus on anything I can’t control. I just want to worry about what I can do, hit the weight room hard. Make sure my team does good," Fromm said.

In Houston County, two once in a blue moon high school quarterbacks are ready to lead their teams to glory and their schools are less than ten miles apart. video by Grant Blankenship

When Byrd and Fromm meet in their season opening game, it will be far from the first time. They go way back.

"We played baseball together, you know, since we were little kids. He’s a great dude. He’s one of my good friends," Fromm said.

The feeling is mutual for Byrd.

"Yeah, I’m good friends with Jake. So I don’t really have anything against him," said Byrd.

Von Lassiter, Houston County’s head coach says it isn’t just Jake Fromm’s size that poses a challenge to a defense.

He can thrown, but he can run the ball as well. He will run it. If you want to tag him with something, he’s more a pro style throwing quarterback. But he’s one that you dream about coaching," Lassiter said.

Veterans head coach David Bruce says Byrd, like Jake Fromm, has size, and the whole quarterback skill set, on his side.

"I haven’t seen a lot of kids around here who have the total arsenal of weapons he has. He has that ability to run the football. He’s faster than he looks like he is. He’s big and strong and physical. I don’t want to be the guy who has to tackle him when he has a full head of steam. I don’t think anyone else does for that matter," Bruce said.

Bruce says with both quarterbacks so evenly matched, the season opener may seem like deja vu to both teams.

"Your going to look at it and it’s going to look like a scrimmage. Both offenses are a lot alike," Bruce said.

Houston County’s Fromm sees it differently.

"Logan’s Logan and I’m me," Fromm said.

Whatever the outcome of their season opening game, both quarterbacks have years to show fans, and scouts, what they can do.

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