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Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 1:00am

Bibb Sheriff David Davis Talks Police Conduct Amid Several High Profile Firings

Future police officers now have a new place to train in Macon. Tuesday the Georgia Public Safety Training Center opened its Bibb County location at Middle Georgia State College.

Bibb Sheriff David Davis spoke to a crowd of cadets, officers and county officials saying “For the students who are going to come here, who will represent law enforcement agencies throughout Middle Georgia and South Georgia, they could not come to a better place.”

It’s been a busy summer for Davis.

In July he fired three police officers after federal charges were brought against them for corruption. A fourth officer facing charges resigned.

Then on July 29th a deputy was arrested after approaching a pregnant 14-year-old girl for the purposes of sexual contact. During the incident Kenneth Brown touched the girl repeatedly as she told him to stop, and pointed a gun at another teenager who attempted to help the girl.

In June Davis fired Clayton Sutton for insubordination. Sutton was involved in two shootings including the 2012 fatal shooting of Sammie “Junebug” Davis outside a Macon grocery store.

While it may appear that there are a large number of officers stepping outside the law, Davis says for the most part his officers are upstanding. “I have nearly 800 total employees, 650 who are sworn deputies. So when you have four or five go outside the line, that’s a miniscule percentage of the whole.”

Davis says he’s currently looking for candidates of high standard to work for the Sheriff’s office. He says out of every ten applicants that they get, about five are rejected.

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