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Monday, August 4, 2014 - 1:00am

Google Curiosity Leads GPB Macon Host Leah Fleming To Meet Leah Fleming

I've been Hosting All Things Considered on GPB Macon for more than a year, but when I was thinking about how I would introduce myself to GPB Macon's morning listeners, I thought back to a time I asked myself "Who is Leah Fleming"?

Google your own name and you will probably find out that you’re not alone. The first time I Googled myself, up popped a Leah Fleming in the UK. I’ve always wondered about her…what she’s like. Turns out we are both storytellers…me on the radio, and she, the author of several books including her newest summer read, called The Postcard.

I called across the pond to Leah Fleming to meet her.

To learn more about Leah Fleming, the author, you can log onto