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Monday, July 28, 2014 - 6:32am

Savannah's Children's Choir Celebrates End Of Camp with Eclectic Musical Performance

Friday night, the Savannah Children’s Choir gave an end of year camp concert at the Lucas Theatre. The camp organizers say the goal is to inspire confidence in children from diverse backgrounds while exposing them to a range of musical styles.

The sound of young voices echoed through the auditorium of the Lucas Theatre as the Savannah Children’s Choir showed- off two weeks of daily intensive rehearsals.

The camp recruits top music education students from colleges around the nation each year to teach the campers. The kids learn performance skills, vocal technique, and entire concert in just 14 days.

“So students come in on Monday that first week not even knowing what a note is or how to find it on their page," says Emmy Williams, the director of Education for the choir.

But according to Williams, when they leave, they not only know how to read music but they have gained other skills as well.

“We believe that you can teach so much more than music through music… You notice a lot about behavior and social skills how to self- space, be aware of their environment, be friends be teams.”

11 year old Randall Jenkins of Savannah has been has been attending the camp for the past 5 years. She plans on coming back again next summer.

“My experience with Savannah Children’s Choir is amazing...We create such a beautiful sound that you never thought you could do before, and then once we do it, it just blows our minds.”

Organizers say the camp focuses on the importance of cultural variety in music. 5 songs are in Swahili and some have no words at all.

The concert marked the end of this years camp and according to 19 year old Leah Kimball who traveled from Chicago, IL, the kids aren’t the only one who will miss their time together.

“I have loved this internship so much, this is one of the most positive overall experiences I’ve ever had.”

An experience that keeps Randall Jenkins coming back every year.

Ware: “Do you want to do something in the arts when you grow up?”

Jenkins: Yeah I want to be a director or a famous singer and I know I can reach that because of Savannah Children's Choir and how they taught me how to be a better singer.”

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