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Monday, July 14, 2014 - 12:56pm

Deputy Fired For Insubordination Wants His Job Back

Updated: 1 year ago.
Clayton Sutton, center, leaves for a lunch break in the Administrative Law Hearing centered around his recent firing from the Bibb County Sheriff's Office. Sutton was fired by Sheriff David Davis for disobeying a direct order not to act as a law enforcement officer following Sutton's firing of his weapon, and the killing of a dog, on a call earlier in the year. Photo by Grant Blankenship

A Macon-Bibb Sheriff’s Deputy who was fired for disobeying direct orders from the Sheriff is asking to get his job back.

Clayton Sutton was placed on desk duty and told not to act as a law enforcement officer in public earlier in the year. That order followed a patrol call where Sutton’s use of a his firearm was called into question and where a dog was killed while Sutton pursued a suspect.

That call was what landed Sutton on desk duty. Later when he attempted to stop suspected metal thieves on the south side of Bibb County, Sheriff David Davis released him from the force.

Sutton asked that his hearing before an Administrative Law Judge be kept private. But the question put before the judge is simple: should Sutton be allowed to keep his job or not?

Clayton Sutton was silent as the hearing broke for lunch, declining to answer reporters who asked why he wanted his job back. Sheriff David Davis also declined to comment on the hearing before leaving on a separate elevator from Sutton.

The hearing is unrelated to the Clayton’s killing of Sammie “Junebug” Davis, Jr. in 2012. Sutton was cleared of any wrongdoing then.

A decision in the hearing will be made sometime in the month following its conclusion.