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Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 1:32pm

End Of Year Exams Show Georgia High School Students Still Struggle With Math

Georgia’s high school students saw improvement in statewide end of course tests, but they are still struggling with math.

The 2014 End-of-Course Tests results were released Wednesday. According to data from the Georgia Department of Education, students improved performance on six out of eight areas, but about 65 percent of Georgia students didn't meet state standards for analytic geometry.

Matt Cardoza, a spokesman for the State Education Department, says the math tests were changed to align them with tougher expectations that will be implemented across the board next year.

“Those are based more on what you’re going to see in the type of test that we have in the future. They’re much more difficult, the level of expectation that kids have to meet is much higher.”

Math, says Cardoza, has been a struggle for a long time.

“And quite frankly that’s not just unique to Georgia. Math is a struggle across the country.”

He says as Georgia moves to a tougher testing system next year for all subjects, scores will likely fall across the board. But state officials believe that the more rigorous standards are needed to provide students with the best education.

The Georgia Department of Education lists the End-of-Course test results on its website.