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Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 12:05pm

Want To Show Waffle House Your Team America Spirit? Avoid Belgian Waffles

“Scattered”, “smothered”, and “covered” are just some of the words well known by the Waffle House faithful, but today the culturally iconic restaurant had new words for the Twittersphere: “We believe that we will win!”

In light of the U.S. soccer team’s match against Belgium, Waffle House has declared a boycott on Belgian waffles. The Norcross-based restaurant says it has never sold Belgian waffles and never will.

For those concerned, SB Nation provides a few ways to tell an American waffle from a Belgian one. If the waffle is made with yeast instead of baking powder, you have a Belgian waffle SB Nation says. If the grid pattern is wide and deep you have a Belgian waffle.

SB Nation suggests that if you want to avoid waffles altogether, you could order the Eggs Benedict— don’t worry they were not named after Benedict Arnold.

Whether you like your waffles Belgian or American, you can catch USA vs. Belgium on ESPN at 4 PM EST.

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