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Friday, May 2, 2014 - 6:22am

Same-Sex Couples Apply For Marriage Licenses Around Georgia

Same-sex couples in Georgia spent May Day applying for marriage licenses. Their goal was to be turned down under the state’s gay marriage ban. The couples posted photos of their denial paperwork on social media with the hashtag #MayDayGAEquality.

Organizers say they hope it will rally support for their cause ahead of a court ruling on the ban.

“It draws attention to the fact that there are people who are here who want to get married,” explained Dana Bernard, “and we’re not afraid to say ‘hey, we want to get married.’”

Bernard and her partner Tonie Johnson were among the couples who applied for licenses at the Chatham County Courthouse Thursday morning. Johnson said that while they could marry in one of the 17 states or Washington, DC where gay marriage is already legal, she doesn’t think they should have to.

“We should be able to get married wherever we want, wherever we live,” she said. “Like, why do we have to travel the world to certain places just to get married?”

Four couples and one widow filed a lawsuit challenging the ban last week.