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Monday, February 3, 2014 - 2:48am

Georgia Children's Museum Closure Holds Lessons For Nonprofits

The Georgia Children's Museum in downtown Macon is no more. The chronically struggling institution closed for the last time Friday for lack of funds.

The Museum's founding director Tom Glennon is not surprised, he said.

"The ambitious plans that I had for a full-scale children's museum, bigger than Atlanta's children's museum, bigger than most children's museums in the United States...maybe it was a bit stretchy," Glennon said.

Glennon stepped down from the museum in 2007 amid an investigation into his management practices that resulted in no charges. He now teaches social entrepreneurship at Mercer University.

There are lessons for other nonprofits to learn from the museum's failure, Glennon said. "You have to blend for-profit and non-profit structures in order to make it in the world, period."

The museum began in 1985 as an arts program and Montessori school.