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Tuesday, December 3, 2013 - 8:15pm

New Warner Robins Mayor Elected Tuesday Night

Tuesday night elections were held across several communities in Georgia where runoffs were needed.

In Warner Robins supporters of retired firefighter Randy Toms celebrated his mayoral election victory. Toms got 65.5 percent of the vote, beating out his opponent.

“I’m just pretty excited to have an opportunity to continue serving Warner Robins. I’m greatful for the trust the citizens have placed in me and I won’t betray that trust,” said Toms during a victory party at a local hotel.

Many voters in Warner Robins chose not to cast a ballot in Tuesday’s election. Less than 10 percent showed up to the polls. Including early voters and absentee ballots that number rose to 14.5 percent.

Supporters gathered at a Warner Robins golf course to cheer on retired public works director Joe Musselwhite, who lost to Toms by a 2 to 1 margin.

“We reached a lot of people, had a lot of good conversation, had a lot of good coffee and cake around here. I make it clear that I love the city of Warner Robins, I still do” said Musselwhite after thanking his supporters.

Current mayor Chuck Shaheen will still be in politics. He won his citywide Post One City Council seat, beating incumbent Mike Daley.

Meanwhile, in Byron, Alan Dorsey was elected to the city council. Dorsey got 61 percent of the vote beating out Rick Knowles in Tuesday's runoff.