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Friday, November 15, 2013 - 10:52am

Samuel L. Jackson Movie Shooting At Georgia Disaster Training Facility

A disaster response training facility in Middle Georgia is getting an unexpected use this weekend.

Movie stars Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson will be shooting the new action/comedy "Barely Lethal" at the Guardian Centers in Perry.

The extensive training complex built on a former Northrop Grumman factory site consists of mock buildings and streets that make it look a lot like a Hollywood backlot, said program director Vann Burkart.

"Our core business is disaster response training for military, federal, state, fire and law enforcement," he said. "The film industry is something that we had not originally planned on, but we welcome it and we're excited to host it."

This is the first film project to be undertaken at the privately-owned Guardian Centers, which opened for business in 2012.

The filmmakers have been doing set construction on site for about two weeks. "They're using collapsed buildings and things like that," Burkart said.

Filming starts Saturday and will likely last a week.

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