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Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 3:11pm

Macon Grandfather Jailed After School Incident

A Nigerian grandfather in Macon has been denied bond and remains in jail after being charged with attempted kidnapping at a north Macon elementary school last week.

A Bibb County judge says Maduabuchi Christian Ogoh’s behavior was “spectacularly irrational” as he picked up his two grandsons last Wednesday.

Macon attorney Keith Fitzgerald is representing Ogoh. He says there were some incidents that occurred at the school that day that were kind of odd. "There’s accusations of him touching a girls face and talking to her…a child’s face and him kind of standing in the way of everyone generally acting kind of confused."

A Bibb police report alleges that Ogoh grabbed a 13 year old girl by her arm and touched her face as he talked to her. The report also notes that Ogoh grabbed two little boys, with one of them being his grandson.

During the incident Mr. Ogoh, was wrestled to the ground by parents until police arrived.

Mr. Ogoh does not speak English. He speaks Ebu, a Nigerian dialect.

Ugo Chukwu Ogoh says its possible that his father became disoriented. "His health is going down pretty quick….and I feel like he has a brain stroke or dementia. But they are refusing to give him medical attention because I think they want him to die in jail."

Fitzgerald says Mr. Ogoh is in the infirmary at the jail and is receiving some care.

He adds, pending a mental health evaluation, Ogoh will be granted a bond hearing.

The Ogoh family says their father confused a child at the school that day for his own grandson.

GPB interviewed the Ogohs for this story. You can listen here.