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Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 5:00am

Deal Blames 'Personal Agendas' For Ethics Issues

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal says competing personal agendas among Ethics Commission staffers may be linked to the fallout over allegations that commission leaders intervened in an investigation into his 2010 campaign.

Deal spoke to reporters Wednesday after ex-commission computer specialist John Hair told local media outlets he was asked to alter and remove dozens of documents in a case involving the governor.

Hair says he didn't examine the documents closely, but believes they included financial information.

The commission imposed a $3,350 penalty on the governor, considerably less than the $70,000 that was originally recommended.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported Hair testified that he was fired after refusing a request from commission executive secretary Holly LaBerge to remove another document earlier this year.

Deal and LaBerge's lawyers have disputed Hair's claims.