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Monday, October 7, 2013 - 5:06am

Richardson: Ellis Running Uphill In Macon

Updated: 3 years ago.
Former Macon Mayor C. Jack Ellis is interviewed the night of his distant second place finish in the race for mayor of the soon-to-be consolidated Macon-Bibb County government. (Photo: Adam Ragusea/GPB News)

The Oct. 15 run-off between Macon Mayor Robert Reichert and his predecessor C. Jack Ellis might not be a mere pro forma contest, but it's close, said Telegraph of Macon opinion page editor Charles Richardson.

Reichert roundly defeated Ellis in last month's race for mayor of the soon-to-be-consolidated Macon-Bibb government. But in a six-way race, nobody got a majority.

"I don't see a mathematical pathway for C. Jack Ellis to win [the run-off]" Richardson said.

Early voting resumed Monday morning. Polls will be open 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday at the Bibb County Board of Elections office on Pio Nono Avenue. 751 people voted early on Saturday, election officials said.

There remains a chance for Reichert and his supporters to become complacent, Richardson said.

"This next week you're going to see a lot of effort to get out the vote...because turnout is key," Richardson said. "There's no reason to get comfortable until Oct. 15 at about 10:30 at night when all the votes are counted."