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Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 12:44pm

BBB Warns of ObamaCare Scams

The health insurance exchanges will open to consumers in less than a week and the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers not to be fooled by people trying to take advantage of confusion over the Affordable Care Act.

“When any new government program comes out, typically there’s a lot of confusion,” explained Dottie Callina with the Metro Atlanta BBB. “The people who will con our senior citizens are going to play on the fear and confusion of those who will have absolutely no idea what to do when the Affordable Care Act begins October 1 or ObamaCare as some people call it.”

Callina said the biggest scam the BBB has become aware of is the “Affordable Care Card.” A scammer calls a consumer and claims to be from the federal government, she explained. The caller tells the potential victim that he or she needs an ObamaCare insurance card. According to the BBB, the con artist tells the consumer that he or she must provide personal information, including bank accounts to get the card.

“The biggest issue here is the government never calls people. I don’t know of, after almost 30 years in the BBB, having anybody from the government actually call a person proactively,” Callina emphasized.

Callina said elderly people are most at risk for falling for these types of scams.

“It literally breaks your heart and that’s why we try to get it out and educate people,” shared Callina.

She said if anyone calls about ObamaCare claiming to be from the government, consumers should hang up. Legitimate government officials will never call and ask for personal information over the phone.

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