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Friday, September 6, 2013 - 2:41am

Your Middle Georgia Weekend, Sept. 6

Macon DJ Roger Riddle and Y-O Latimore of Poetic Peace Arts join us to talk about fun things to do in Middle Georgia over the weekend and beyond.

Roger's picks for Sept. 6:

A lot of times we take the beautiful architecture we live around here in Macon for granted.

We ride past these beautiful old homes and churches too caught up in GPB's radio shows to admire these wonderful historic structures. We certainly can't share the stories behind the buildings when we are out with friends.

Well the Cannonball House plans to remedy all those problems by taking us on a riding tour of Macon's most magnificent homes and churches on Saturday.

Along with the riding tour, you will be able to tour the historic Cannonball House with its military museum, brick kitchen, servants quarters, and its beautiful 19th century gardens.

here are two tours, at 11am and 1pm, and each tour is limited to 25 guests, so reserve your seat now. The tour is $20. More info here.

Gummy Soul is the name of the record label where Nashville's Amerigo Gazaway releases his very unique productions.

Gazaway once hosted a 60's and 70's rare soul radio show in Nashville. Once the show came to an end he took his knowledge of soul and began to blend that with his love of hip-hop.

The result has been a series of releases that have been driving record collectors, hip-hop lovers, and soul aficionados wild. He even made NPR's best of 2011 list. He takes classic hip-hop albums and groups and plays the lyrics over snippets of rare soul.

His most recent release combined lyrics from Atlanta's Big Boi of Outkast with Macon's own Otis Redding on a track called "Shutterbug". Well, Gazaway will be playing his mixed up selections right here in Macon at Roasted Cafe this First Friday. He takes the stage at 11pm and admission is free. More info here.


Y-O's picks for Sept. 6:

Grandparents are super special people who deserve special attention. A lot of times grandchildren have a huge impact on their grandparent's lives.

With that being said, Rampage Pro Wrestling presents Grandparents Appreciation Day at Johnny G's Fun Center, this Sunday at 3 p.m. There will be a Six Man Tag Team Battle, Special Challenge Match, Wrestling Challenge(No Brawling Allowed) and many more matches going down.

Johnny G’s Fun Center is located at 815 Russell Parkway in Warner Robins. Grandparents with their grandchildren get in half price. Doors open at 2:30 p.m. More info here.

Nowadays, there's a plethora of cooking networks and shows that air nationwide. If you aren't a great cook, there's no excuse for not knowing how to whip up at least one delicious dish.

However, if you happen to rock in the kitchen and just want to enhance your skills, you'll be excited to hear about the Taste of Home Cooking School coming to Macon, Thursday, September 12 from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

The celebrity cooking school staff, Michelle Roberts, will show Middle Georgia ten top culinary recipes. There will be door prizes for some and gift bags with lots of good stuff, courtesy of the Taste of Home Cooking School which reaches 300,000 consumers with 300 events per year.

Our very own Mark Ballard will host this event and regular tickets are $13. Visit for pricing


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