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Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 5:00am

Conservatives Pressure Senators On Health Care

Tea party and other conservative activists are pressuring Georgia's two Republican senators to join the effort to deny money for implementing President Barack Obama's health care law.

A few dozen people, including leaders of multiple national organizations, gathered at the Georgia Capitol on Tuesday and accused Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss of trying to have it both ways on the law that Republicans derisively call Obamacare.

The groups have staged similar events across the country. They want Congress to use budget votes later this month to cut off money for the law.

Brent Bozell leads ForAmerica, a national conservative group based in Virginia. He said too many Republicans, including the two Georgians, trumpet their votes to repeal the 2010 law yet won't promise to block its funding.

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