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Monday, July 22, 2013 - 1:00am

St. Simons Drowning Prompts Warnings

Updated: 4 years ago.
This sandbar off St. Simons Island can be dangerously deceiving. It looks inviting to people on the shore nearby. But the rising tide rushes in quickly. A recent drowning is prompted county officials to post warning signs at beach access points. (photo Ralph Daily)

Glynn County officials are moving to improve beach safety.

The county is installing signs warning of dangerous rip-tides.

A 16 year old boy drowned last week while stepping off a sandbar into a rising tide.

The accident sparked Glynn County Commissioners to approve posting signs at 35 beach access points.

They illustrate the dramatic change in sandbars from low to high tide.

County spokeswoman Candice Temple says one life lost is too many.

"We did recently have a drowning," Temple says. "I think it's all done in the name of preventing a tragedy. If we can get that message to just one more person then that's just more protection against another tragedy happening."

Commissioners also approved building a storehouse of beach vehicles and kayaks for faster response to incidents.

"The new signs take it a step further," Temple says. "It's information about rip tides – things that will be useful to those are not familiar with the beach."

Seized funds from criminals will pay for the plans.