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Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 11:48am

Rain Threatens Fireworks Across GA

Mother nature is taking her toll on outdoor activities this Fourth of July. Minor flooding has been reported at creeks and rivers around the state.

Matt Sena with the National Weather Service says while the western half of the state has seen more steady rain, showers have now moved into the eastern half. “From 75 west is seeing the large area of light to moderate, to occasionally heavy. From 75 east is seeing the showers developing right now, which are smaller, and more scattered, but are pretty much covering that whole area. And a little bit heavier rain in the core of those. But it will be quick little bursts of rain as they go by.”

Sena says some communities may be able to squeak through some fireworks displays tonight. But if you go, he warns you should take a raincoat, and watch out for lightening.
He says communities " might be able to squeak something in. But if you go, be very careful for the potential for any lightening. It’s not a great potential, but it is there.”

Sena says the rain will continue through the weekend. Not a lot of wind expected, but because the ground is so saturated, there is a risk of trees falling through the weekend.

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