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Friday, June 28, 2013 - 2:57pm

Debate over pitbulls in Middle Ga.

Pitbull dog attacks have dominated the headlines in middle Georgia lately. Over the last four months there have been as many attacks.

The dog attacks have led many people to question if the breed should be legally owned. Are pitbulls truly a danger because they are an aggressive breed or because of how the owners treat them?

Telegraph reporter Philip Ramati has taken a closer look at the issue for Sunday's paper and He says there are two very opposing thoughts on pitbulls. "Pro pitbull people who try to defend the dogs make the argument that any dog will turn bad if it has bad ownership. The opposite side points to the inordinate number of deaths associated with pitbulls. They are the leading breed of dog by far that causes death and injury."

While there are no plans for pitbull ordinances in Bibb or Houston counties, Ramati says there are five Georgia communities with them. "College Park, Floyd county, Lagrange, Lawrenceville and the city of Dawson and the county of Terrell county have anti pitbull legislation on the books. You can technically own a pitbull in those places but there are very heavy regulations." Ramati says the city of Albany is also considering pitbull legislation.