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Monday, June 17, 2013 - 3:23pm

Regulators Consider GA Power Energy Plan

State regulators will hold the final public hearing on Georgia Power’s 20 year plan Tuesday. The state’s leading energy supplier is looking to diversify its energy portfolio.

The public comment period starts Tuesday and could continue into Wednesday. Georgia Power is required to submit a long-range plan every three years to the Public Service Commission.

The latest version calls for shutting down 15 coal-fired plants and increasing its use of natural gas and solar. Executives plan to increase the amount of natural gas to about half its portfolio.

The company hopes to have about two percent of its energy coming from solar by 2017. The proposal would increase the amount of solar power the company buys from homeowners, small businesses and commercial vendors by 270 megawatts over the next three years. Vice President Mike Hazelton says that would power 26 thousand homes. The Commission is scheduled to issue a decision July 11th.

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