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Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 3:24pm

Washington's Copy Of The Constitution

Starting June 7th George Washington’s personal copy of the Constitution will be on display in Atlanta. The document includes the first president’s handwritten notes.

The Acts of Congress is a 106-page, leather bound book which includes the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other legislation passed by the nation’s first Congress in 1789. It was made specifically for then-President George Washington, according to Sylvia Naguib, curator of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library Museum. “Beautifully bound with you know the Italian marble paper, and the beautiful hand-tooling along the edges. But it also says along the front of it ‘The President Of The United States’. So it was specifically done for George Washington.”

Washington wrote notes in pencil in the margins of Article 2, which outlines the duties of the president. Naguib says “So he’s bracketed sections of that, and he’s written in the margin ‘President, power and required’. So you really get a sense of here he’s trying to grapple with- What is this that I am supposed to be doing as President? What is my role?”

The book is considered among the most important items owned by Washington.The Mount Vernon Ladies Association purchased it last summer at an auction from a private collector for $9.8 million. It will be permanently housed at Washington’s Mount Vernon estate.

It will be at the Carter Library until June 24th.

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