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Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 12:16pm

UGA Newspaper Publisher Resigns

Harry Montevideo, the long-time publisher of the University of Georgia’s independent student newspaper, The Red and Black, resigned from his post Wednesday.

According to board member Chuck Reece, Montevideo and the board reached a mutual agreement at a special board meeting.

“Both the board and Harry knew we needed new leadership to deal with this new shift in the marketplace,” explained Reece.

Reece said the student-run publication has been dealing with the same struggles as other newspapers. Demand for the print edition declined in the last five or six years, Reece explained, which pushed the paper to focus on online content. While the web edition has not advanced to where it should be Reece asserted The Red and Black was making the transition on a better financial footing than many other outlets.

“The Red and Black owes Harry Montevideo a great debt of gratitude,” said Reece. “He was an extraordinarily good financial steward of the paper.”

The change in leadership came about a year after the student paper made national headlines for a staff walkout. Student staffers disagreed with a push by one board member to take editorial control out of student hands.

The current board will take its time looking for Montevideo’s replacement. Reece said he did not want to set an “artificial deadline” and that finding the right publisher for the paper was more important.

“It’ll be challenging, but I think that person’s probably out there.”

Montevideo was the publisher of The Red and Black for 30 years. The paper’s Advertising Director, Natalie McClure, will serve as general manager until a full time replacement is found.