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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 11:29am

Chalk Enters Warner Robins Mayoral Race

The man who was almost elected mayor of Warner Robins four years ago will try again this November.

Chuck Chalk lost to current mayor Chuck Shaheen in 2009 by fewer than 200 votes. The 46-year-old Air Force veteran will make his second bid official Tuesday.

The Shaheen administration has shown deficits in leadership, Chalk said.

“They budget on a yearly basis which is required by the state, which is good. However, I’d like to see, you know, a strategic budget...a five-year budget, three-year budget...that way you’re planning ahead for what’s going on,” he said.

Chalk, who is currently a civilian logistics manager at Robins Air Force Base, said he will advance a regional approach to economic development if elected.

“If, you know, a distribution center comes into south Macon-Bibb, there’s going to be Warner Robins folks who go work there," he said. "Warner Robins is the hub for a great deal of logistics knowledge."

In his bid for the job four years ago, Chalk garnered the endorsement of Patricia Walker, widow of mayor Donald Walker who had recently committed suicide.

Firefighter Randy Toms is the only other announced candidate for this year’s race. Shaheen has not yet said if he will seek reelection.

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