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Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 1:01pm

Regents Again Hike Tuition, Fees

Tuition at Georgia's public colleges and university will be going up again next year.

The University System Board of Regents on Tuesday approved a 2.5% percent increase for most in-state undergraduate students.

The Regents are meeting in Savannah as part of periodic on-the-road meetings across the state.

At Armstrong Atlantic State University, they approved statewide tuition hikes that amount to $56 per semester for most state universities.

Chancellor Hank Huckaby says, the increases are in-line with inflation and comparable schools in the region.

"We work very hard to keep it as affordable as possible," Huckaby says. "And if you look at the state-by-state comparisons, we're right in the middle of the pack."

Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State and Georgia Regents are getting higher increases.

"The institutions that are getting more are our most competitive institutions in the country," Huckaby says. "They're our most complex and most costly to run."

The Regents also increased mandatory fees at 16 schools, from $6 to $53 per semester.

There's more information about the Regent's decision at this link.