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Monday, April 15, 2013 - 11:12am

Scherer Suit Undeterred By New Evidence

Attorneys say their fight against Georgia Power will continue despite mounting evidence that heavy metals in the water around Plant Scherer are not coming from the plant.

More than a dozen neighbors of the coal-fired generator in Monroe County are suing over health problems they blame on Georgia Power, among other companies.

A growing number of EPA test results obtained by the Telegraph of Macon seem to bolster what many have been arguing for years: the uranium and other potentially harmful metals are naturally occurring, and likely not coming from Plant Scherer's giant coal ash pond.

Macon attorney Brian Adams, who represents the neighbors in their suit against Georgia Power, doesn’t deny the findings, but says there is more going on around Plant Scherer than just heavy metals in the water.

"The lawsuits cover the air issues, the water issues, the soil issues, all areas of contamination that are coming from the plant," Adams said. "We have private companies that are independent that are doing lab testing, and there’s certainly more to the story than just the naturally occurring problem."

Adams declined to elaborate, but said he’ll be submitting evidence from his experts to the courts during the discovery process, which he thinks could take more than a year.

The Georgia Department of Health, which has been looking into some of these issues as well, is expected to release a long-awaited report this month.