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Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 2:31am

Firefighters 'Relieved' Hostage Ordeal Over

Five suburban Atlanta firefighters who were held hostage after responding to a report of a medical emergency are in good condition following a police raid that left the suspected gunman dead.

Authorities say an unidentified man took the five firefighters hostage in a Gwinnett County home Wednesday, demanding that his cable and power be turned back on at the house, which is in foreclosure.

While the suspect let one firefighter leave, police said he held the others for hours before being shot dead during an exchange of gunfire when SWAT members stormed the house. A fire official said the hostages had cuts and bruises from explosions officers set off before moving in but were OK.

Authorities said one SWAT team member was shot in the hand or arm but was in good condition.