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Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 1:52pm

Abortion Bill Likely Dead

A bill that would have barred state employees from using their insurance plan for most abortions appears to have died.

The bill originally pertained to employee benefits for Georgia World Congress Center employees. But the state Senate added the abortion clause at the last minute, leading to its holdup.

The House rejected the amendment, and sent it back to the Senate.

Gov. Nathan Deal said there wasn’t enough time to fully vet that provision.

“That is an issue that probably needed more time and discussion to make the members familiar with the situation," he said. "And I think it something that over the recess we will all be looking at in terms of what our state health benefit plan provides and whether or not there are other ways short of legislation that this subject could be addressed.”

House Speaker David Ralston, a Blue Ridge Republican, concurred.

"It's a tough issue," he told reporters. "My concern is that some issues are so important that they are entitled to the discussion that they merit."

If the Senate agrees to stripping the abortion amendment from the bill, it could still pass.

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