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Monday, March 25, 2013 - 8:46am

Deal Favors Flexibility On Guns

Gov. Nathan Deal is weighing in on two key battles at the state Capitol -- a bill that would loosen gun restrictions and another that would rein in lobbyist spending on lawmakers -- even before the 2013 legislative session concludes.

Deal says he is a keen supporter of gun rights.

But he says he’d favor more flexibility for a bill that would allow licensed gun owners to carry firearms to churches and other places.

Deal says his church would probably not allow members to carry guns while they sit in the pews. And he says the bill should include an “opt-in” provision.

“Rather than their having to post a sign saying they opt out of a right to carry, I would much rather that those institutions whether they be churches or otherwise that allow that in their facilities to say so affirmatively rather than the other way around,” he told reporters.

Deal also said he’s for a cap on lobbyist spending. He says he hopes lawmakers will pass one of the ethics reform bills under consideration this session.

The legislative session wraps on Thursday.

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