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Friday, February 8, 2013 - 4:57am

GOP Chair Wants More Black Support

The national Republican Party chairman is looking to Georgia to help expand the party's reach among African-Americans.

Reince Priebus met Thursday afternoon in downtown Atlanta with about two dozen African-American business and civic leaders. Many of them are already active Republicans.

Priebus, who was recently re-elected as chairman, has made minority outreach a priority after non-white voters again helped propel President Barack Obama to a comfortable victory.

African-American voters have voted overwhelmingly Democratic since the civil rights era in the mid-20th century. But as white voters become a smaller and smaller of the electorate, Republicans must find support elsewhere to remain nationally viable.

Priebus said that begins with spending time in black communities. He rejected the idea that Republicans have to make adjustments on policy to attract more support.