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Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 5:00am

Early Results: GOP Takes Special Elections

Four Republicans appear to be headed for the state legislature following a set of special elections.

Republicans Dean Burke and Mike Keown were front-runners in state senate district 11 — spanning southwest Georgia. Burke won 42.59 percent of votes and Keown won 37.37 percent.

In state senate district 21 — spanning parts of Cherokee and Fulton Counties — Republican Brandon Beach won 57.57 percent of votes over fellow Republican Sean Jerguson.

In state senate district 30 — spanning parts of Carroll, Paulding and Douglas Counties — Republican Mike Dugan won 87.6 percent of votes over Libertarian candidate James M. Camp.

In a four-way race for district 21 in the state house, Republican Scot Turner won 46.39 percent of votes.

Tuesday's results were not final, and don't include provisional ballots.