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Monday, January 7, 2013 - 12:11pm

Savannah Revising Alcohol Laws

Savannah officials are revising the city's famously liberal liquor laws.

Municipal authorities want to make it easier for retail and service providers to sell alcoholic beverages.

Savannah is one of the few cities in the nation where you can drink beer, wine or liquor on the street.

But some businesses still find it hard to get a liquor licence.

A nail salon wants to offer champagne for manicures, a wine shop wants to sell samples by the glass and a beekeeper wants to sell mead.

Ted Dennard of the Savannah Bee Company says the drink, made from honey, is older than wine.

"Mead can taste anything from just like a white wine, a dry white wine, very clean and crisp," Dennard says. "And it can go the whole gammut and be something sickly sweet."

Local ordinances are fuzzy on these proposed activities.

"They have been very amenable," Dennard says. "It has taken some time. And they really want to try and figure it out once and for all for everybody and come up with a blanket ordinance that covers every possibility."

Officials say instead of changing the laws piecemeal to allow the businesses to move ahead with their plans individually, they want to address them all in a sweeping alcohol ordinance re-write by spring.

City officials say they want to help businesses as much as possible but will review the laws carefully and have a proposal ready by spring.

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