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Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 12:30pm

Georgia Trend Picks Most Influential

Atlanta-area names once again dominate Georgia Trend magazine's 15th annual list of 100 most influential Georgians.

But the picks revealed this week also highlight business priorities in regions outside the capital.

The current and past chairmen of the Georgia Ports Authority board made the list as did the agency's executive director.

Page Siplon of Georgia's Center of Innovation for Logistics is another figure in the state's transportation economy selected by the business magazine.

Siplon says the coastal area's seven entries all deserve recognition.

"We've got a lot of other leaders that weren't recognized that are certainly doing a lot of great things here in the Savannah area that deserve recognition as well," Siplon says. "But I'm flattered and honored to be part of that seven and certainly part of that 100."

The list features mostly business and political leaders, with Governor Nathan Deal on the cover.

But Georgia Trend also noted a handful of leaders in the statewide arts community, including Atlanta painter Alejandro Aguilera and Georgia Council for the Arts director Karen Paty.

The Savannah Music Festival's Rob Gibson was noted for bringing global attention to the coastal city.

He says the arts are a part of industry.

"It means that the arts are part of civic engagement," Gibson says. "It's based on the premise that democracy is more animated when an informed public is engaged affecting people's daily lives."

The selections include movers and shakers in business, politics, education and philanthropy.

You can read the entire article by starting at Page 26 using this link.

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